Adventures in Proselytizing

Reaching the Orrery

All Brain Lock, All the Time

The party along with Daros returned to the ship for sleep, followed by research! Joharra discovered some information in her book about dracotaurs. Meanwhile, Daros explained some of the situation to the party. The blue dragon Khurystas had bent two local tribes to his will: the Bringers of Fire and the Stormwalkers. In addition he commands the loyalty of the dracotaurs.

Many of Daros’ tribe, the White Wanderers, were taken prisoner in the dracotaur raid. The party resolved to rescue them but Daros warned of the Chiefs of the Bringers of Fire: Firechief Brogar Redhide, a half-dragon warrior mage of dangerous power; and the brother Axechiefs, Vorgrey and Teldros, masters of quick strikes and skirmish tactics. He also warned the group to beware of the Storm Master, who was not the frail old man he seems.

Daros and the party then set out at first light to the Bringers of Fire encampment. Upon arriving, Pern, Woodstein, Daros & Castar scouted. Castar snuck in invisibly to free the white Dragon Icewing before the battle would be joined. He was unable to pull free the massive stakes binding the dragon to the ground, but did free Icewing’s head from its muzzle and it vented its displeasure upon the nearby enemies in the form of a devastating blast of icy breath.

Daros and the party soon joined the fight, and with a brain lock of the Firechief the group was able to mop up the opposing dracotaurs and tribesmen. The White Wanderers were then freed and runners were sent to gather the rest of the tribe’s surviving warriors from where they were held.

In the afternoon all set off together towards the bulk of the Stormwalkers and Bringers of Fire. The White Wanderers attacked them in a bloody battle, allowing the party time to sneak into the Orrery. They intimidated the initial guards with a psionically-enhanced blast of fire and some quick words.

They then traveled in and found a dragon’s hoard. Grolsch managed to tear himself away after looting some choice items. Traveling upwards through the Orrery, their next encounter was with the Firetalon brothers, who surprised the party with a clever sneak attack. The fight lasted 12 seconds as both were immediately brainlocked.

The party finally traveled to an open-air lighting zone after a close call on the rickety wooden path up. They met Vodane the Storm Master and exchanged words with him. After a while (and a couple of lightning strikes) they party tried to bull past him, at which point he revealed his strength and challenged them to ‘show him their tempest within.’


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