Adventures in Proselytizing

On Our Way to the Observatory

We checked out a couple of hotel options, and ended up staying in a non-House establishment, since our reputation made the manager of the House hotel…less than enthused at our potential patronage. We loaded up on gear, after working out a “miscommunication” about purchase vs. sale prices. Our new Valenar associate picked out mounts for us, and off we went into the wilderness in search of the observatory. Early in our journey a half-orc came up to our camp one evening and warned us to leave. Then we were attacked by rock-throwing giants, who injured Sir Ossul and the ranger as we outran them rather than taking them all on.3 We also lost Sir Ossul’s new horse, which took off when Ossul was thrown to the ground by a flying rock. We continued on, albeit with some difficulty locating the observatory, encountered an unauthorized toll-bridge, and once again avoided violence. The search for the observatory led to some impassable terrain, and sadly Castar’s pony Li’l Sebastian and Joharra’s horse had to be let go to fend for themselves. We hiked up, and found the observatory, which is an awesome giant stone chair on a mountain peak. As we arrived, we saw what looked like a huge griffin flying away.


DanCame CastarSil

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