Adventures in Proselytizing

It All Comes Back to Bite You

Because We've Lost Control of the Situation

Party discussed plans with Scimitar, who allowed them one more day before things would likely become…unpleasant. She stayed in the same room as Ossul.

Teppic healed ability damage, then corresponded with Fullstead, who assured the party that the Creation Pattern situation would be resolved that evening.

Shopping ensued, as well as meditation and discussion with Scimitar.

The guy from the attack on Kottkamp’s was interrogated.

When they returned, Grolsh and Castar hung out in the servant’s hall. Joherra went to study in the library.

Teppic recieved a message telling him that Fullstead’s party had arrived, asking him to let them in to the building. He did, and they ran into the party shortly thereafter. The Flame guys rushed up to the party’s rooms in the mansion. Scimitar, having heard, was waiting. The session concluded with the hounds grappling Scimitar, and the two Thrane guys having run into Ossul’s room, presumably to retrieve the Creation Pattern.


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