Adventures in Proselytizing

How to Defeat a Dragon

So it was that we were on our way to fight Vodane the Storm Lord. However during the fight it became apparent the something was happening with our Aberrant Dragon marks. They seemed to be making us more powerful. Although we were weak we were still able to defeat the evil storm lord and his minions. They had no answer to our new found power and martial skills, nor could they resist Joharras mind locks. As we left them they promised us more dangers that lurked above.

It soon became obvious what those dangers were. We entered a blackened room, with a giant orb that shone the night sky into this room. And it appeared that wraiths were guarding this section, however they said we could pass this area with no malice. However it was predictable that evil undead (they claimed they worked for Vol) would go back on any word they give. As soon as we moved they attacked us. It would have been a very hard fight, hitting incorporeal enemies is very difficult. However again Joharra had pieced together that one could control the place the orb was looking at. So she directed it to zoom into a star. The wraiths did not enjoy that, and fled to the walls cursing the party.

It was then that we finally reached the top of the Orrery. It was here that we saw a trapped silver dragon. Knowing that we would need more muscle to defeat Icewing we needed to free this dragon. Joharra again thought things through and dimension doored into the cage, so that she could dimension door the dragon and herself away.

It was then that Castar and Grolsh and Ossul were stuck on the top of the Orrery, Khurystas bared down upon them in great furry. Angered that he could not stay in the fight against Icewing and his troops. As Khurystas came crashing down he caused the adventures to feel to different spaces. Ossul and Grolsh attempted to fight back. However it was for naught as the attacks could not pierce the dragons hide.

It was then that disaster struck as Castar was felled by the cone of ice from Khurystas. It was a tragedy that I will not soon forget. Greatly shaken I feld the top of the Orrery to hide with Grolsh in the stair case bellow. It was then that I was lured out by what sounded to be Caster, only to find that it was in fact the blue dragon Khurystas impersonating him. It was a terrible tactical decision which led me to be taken by the dragon. However the dragon did not think of my tactical acumen, that I would fight with every weapon I have including my teeth, I sent my powerful smite through my mouth and viciously wounding the dragon. Khurystas was in a state of shock that a human would do such a thing, and dropped me. I took that chance to run down the stairs back to Grolsh.

Together we raced down the tower. The dragon chasing us from the outside. We had to go through a multiple exposed sections where the dragon rushed passed us once, and missed us each as we dived into the window.

It was in the middle of the tower where we meet Joharra, Sur’kil (as a dragon), Icewing, Davos and his men. With all regrouped we basked in Grolshs healing presence. It was then that we came up with a plan. Grolsh, Davos and myself would attempt to damage Khurystas on the ground, while Icewing and Sur’kil will try to keep the blue dragon on the ground. It was then that Grolsh remembered that he had a ring of fireball necklaces. That and he was also resistant to fire damage. We all put two and two together.

Grolsh stood ontop of the Orrery with the necklace. Khurystas flew in diving on the small morsel. Unfortunate for him that before he could eat it, it turned into a giant fireball that knocked him out of the air. It was then that Sur’kil and Icewing flew out of the tower and down onto Khurystas pining him on the ground, while racking at him with there claws.

Davos and Ossul rushed from the staircase and smashed and slashed as way through the scales of the dragon.

Under this combined onslaught Khurystas was felled and the blue dragon was no more. At this his followers fled the battlefield. While the victors lifted Khurystas battered and charred corpse off of Grolsh.

Afterwards the party was each given a favour by the council of dragons. It was then that Castar was brought back to life (as was his assumed wished) by myself. It will give me more time to convert him!


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