Sir Ossul Tarravan

A Hot Shot Paladin Who Plays By His Own Rules


Level 5 Paladin / Level 2 Crusader

Str: 16 +3
Dex : 10 +0
Con : 13 +1
Int : 9 -1
Wis : 18 +4
Cha : 15 +2

HP : 50
AC : 20 = 10 + 7 + 2 + 1
30ft Move (20ft in Full Plate)

Fort : 10 = 7 + 1+ 2
Ref : 3 = 1 + 0+2
Will : 7 = 1+4+2

BAB = 7/2
Grapple = 10 = +7 + 3

+ 1 Long-sword + 11 / +6 1d8 + 4 19-20/*2 Slashing, Magical Long-sword with Bright Lights Illumination Crystal (5ft light bubble)

Truncheon + 10 / + 6 1d8 + 4 *2, Bludgeoning

Heal = 10 = 4 + 6
K(Religion) = 3 = -1 + 4
Prof(Writer) = 6 = 4 + 2
Ride = 4 = 0 + 4
Diplomacy = 6 = 2 + 4

WF (Longsword) , Power Attack, Simple and Martial WP, All Armour and Shield Prof, Devoted Bulwark, Faith Unswerving

Effective Initiate Level 3
Maneuvers Known:
(DS) Foehammer , (DS) Sheild Block, (DS) Vanguard Strike, (WR) Battle Leader Charge, (WR) Douse the Flames

Stances Known:
(DS) Martial Spirit, (DS) Iron Guards Glare

Maneuvers Readied : 5(2)

Special Abilities
Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite (2/day +4 to hit +4 dmg), Divine Grace, Lay on Hands (8hp), Divine Health, Aura of Courage, Turn Undead (lvl1 5/day), Charging Smite ( +10 dmg in addition when missing on smite don’t use it up), Furious Counter Strike, Steely Resolve/5

1st Protection from Evil


Half Plate (+ 7 AC), Large Shield (+ 2 AC), 1 SliverShine Bottle, 1 Cure Mod Wounds, 1 Holy Water Vial


Born as the seventh child of a small provincial noble family, he had no ability to have the riches of the family be passed down to him. That was to be given to his older brother Silenaus. Being young during the ‘Last War’ he did not participate in it directly. But he did love the swashbuckling tales of adventure during wartime that he heard and read frequently about. He enjoyed ‘adventuring as a child’ in his home area “The Bayou”. It was a masrh surrounded by the Burnt Wood, the dead city of Shadukar, and over the river Cyre.

It was also during this time that his father, Maximano, and his 2nd older brother, Oliver, both died in the battles for Thrane. He was not a smart child and not able to do well in school. His brother and mother seeing this, and the distraction that was war lead to his mother suggesting that he join the Order of St. Angela of Foligno. It was an order of militant knights tasked with guarding the members of the Silver Flame.

It seemed to be a good fit for him, it was just unfortunate that he liked to go ‘above the call of duty’ as was said by Cardinal Hebert. Clearly the tales of swashbuckling and do-goodness from his youth were appearing and may need to be tempered. Well that and the fact that he ‘busted up the drug den pretty swell like.’ And so he was sent on pilgrimage with Teppic. Its not that he wants to hurt people, he know how hurting can hurt. Its just that sometimes the only recourse left is to cause violence as letting ‘it’ go would simply causes more damage.

Of course this pilgrimage has not lead him to get not into trouble but at least its away from the Flamekeep. And well it has given him the ability to write on philosophical and theological matters which he is decent at. The fact that Sharn has not much Silver Flame bureaucracy has allowed him to start his own self defense class for women, and begin to think about starting a school for the disadvantaged.

Sir Ossul Tarravan

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