Adventures in Proselytizing

Selected Reading from "The Silver Argument: A First Hand Account of Moral Ambiguities and Necessities"

Selected Reading from “The Silver Argument Volume One: A First Hand Account of Moral Ambiguities and Necessities”

The Paladin and the Carpenter

I invite the reader to my next section concerning my parable involving the Paladin and the carpenter. In this our fool-hardy paladin move to the carpenter looking for a coffin. He engages the carpenter in a battle of ‘wits’. Of course the Paladin dose not wish to alarm the carpenter about the vampire he is hunting, so he engages in some idiotic lying to the carpenter. Now is what he is doing right? Well consider the writings and sayings of Philosopher of the Flame Hildebert ….

On Guarding the Lightning Rail

Mis-communication can often happen in all lives. It has happened many a times when adventuring. I lift this example for the reader for my own life. One night after a Rampartide celebration me and my cohorts and fellow Pilgrim Teppic (a Favored of the Flame). It was misunderstood by me (I have never been know of my intellect) that I was to guard the Lightning Rail in case a man of great evil we were chasing attempted to escape during the night. Never mind that no train was coming, I went without consulting my companions as to the watch order. It caused great frustration and confusion as they were guarding one of the evil mans companions, and did not have time for my dilly-daddling. Needless to say my recklessness could have been fatal to me or my companions, but praise the Flame it was not, it was simply a funny argument between my adventuring troupe. But the point is this communication is important, not having it can be fatal. Consider further teachings from Listening to the Silence by Brother Jellicoe …..

….. but many would ask, “What of those bonds we have made with others?”. Well my friend Teppic would and did put forward an honorable attempt to show and guide people to the truth. At one point having captured a evil companion, who herself was not evil. She had in some sense deluded herself into believing that her Vampire companion was still ‘himself’. Without delving into the nature of the soul (see suggest reading list at the end of Chapter 17:The Soul, and that Chapter itself), it was clear that he was pursuing an evil agenda; dominating innocent people, killing innocents. Teppic attempted to explain how her brother originally would not do these things and had changed on a fundamental level. Now she could not bear this her attachment was such with simply the physical looks of her brother. These attachments are deep and hard to overcome ….

…. and it was at this point that our train finally reached the train that had been attacked. It was a strange twist of fate that we had not boarded the earlier train. Although I had wished we had boarded it. We came up what was left of what had been attacking half-lings on teradactyls, it was here that the party saw the Ancient Ziggurat temple.


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