Adventures in Proselytizing

Origins of the Party

A look into the past


Less than two years after the conclusion of the Last War, five travelers come together in the city of Sharn, to begin a journey that will take some of them farther than they could imagine…


Leaving the the Red Dragon Inn after an enlightening interview with Joharra, Castar Sil and his Dwarvish drinking companion Grolche was attempting to escort her back to Morgrave University when they were caught in a furious rain squall. Hurrying to the nearby bridge, they rushed back to the Red Dragon’s Inn. Meanwhile, the Cyre refugee Cara Flameblade and her travelling companion Erthys Fiedlerson were just coming from the Inn after a rather unpleasant meal. Both parties independently converged on the bridge when they witnessed a cloaked figure standing over a crumpled body.

Rushing to their side, they discovered a slain Morgrave University scholar named Bonal Geldem. Further attempts to investigate the scene were hampered by the return of the assassin, a mysterious Warforged who instantly set herself upon the party. Despite being outnumbered 5 to 1, Cutter made an impressively strong showing for herself as befits the Lord of Blades’ best agent. However, the adventurer’s raw numbers eventually brought her down, and she fell to the party’s defense.

The ruckus in this otherwise quiet region of the city drew the attention of the City Watch. Sergent Dolom, although initially suspicious of the party, the skilled diplomacy of both Castar and Erthys was convincing enough that they were cleared of all suspicion after a short stay in the local cells, they were free to go. They were left with a mysterious letter to visit The Broken Anvil where the truth of the previous night’s events would become clear.

Visiting the tavern, the adventurers learned that the murdered scholar was working for Lady Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith. She had hired Geldem to research and translate an ancient journal that spoke of a lost House Cannith forge hidden somewhere under Sharn. Despite the journal previously being empty, once in Lady d’Vown’s hands it quickly became filled with writings and drawings. Offering a hefty reward, she bade the adventurers to go to this Forge and recover the heirloom. Accepting out of curiosity, a lust for treasure, a thirst for adventure, a desire of knowledge or a chance to gain favour with a noble house, the party all agreed to head in search of this relic.

Before heading underground, Castar and Grolche decided to investigate the Rat Market for supplies and information. Finding a small goblin named Skakan managing a stall of eclectic merchandise, Grolche paid the exorbitant prices being sure to flash the money that he carried to lure the goblin into a cooperative attitude. Agreeing to act as a guide in the sewers below, Skakan led them into the sewers on their way to the lost Cannith Forge.

Unfortunately while on their way there, they were beset by Dagger, the Lord of Blades’ best agent! Having hired two Shifters to ambush the party, the initial attack was thwarted by the keen and paranoid eyes of the pary’s Bard, who was not sulking because the party did not enjoy his ode composing their near-total defeat at the hands of one attacker on the bridge. Rallying magnificently, the ambushers were defeated, but not before releasing a small flying construct into the air that went off in the direction of the surface.

Realising that their journey into the sewer may now be known by someone above, they pressed on in a hurry to discover the secrets of the lost forge, and the artifact lurking in its heart.


DanCame Erathia

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