Adventures in Proselytizing

Breaking News: Dracotaur's Spear

In which the group dickers over equipment, and then sails to Argonessen

We went back to see the Prince and asked for recommendations about where to sell our surplus equipment. His seneschal “did not” recommend a particular establishment, Jona’s Pets, so we went there. Grolsh asked for information about the lizard he acquired. Jona took him and Castar into the back room to see it more clearly, and explained that it’s a female pseudodragon named Pern. She’s poisonous, telepathic, spell-resistant, has blind sense and can see in the dark. Jona agreed to buy some of our scrolls (one with Suggestion, Summon Monster, and Sympathy, and a Dimension Door one) for 1000gp plus some gear we wanted (scroll of restoration, 3x oil of magic weapon, and some components for Castar: a 50gp gem and 3×100gp inks).

We checked our messages: best wishes from Cardinal Fullstead and a message from Warlord Kottkamp asking that we (or Ossul) urge Lady Sharel to return home because she in danger with us and neglecting her responsibilities at home. Kottkamp has been able to get her absence excused so far but can only do this for so long. Grolsh sent a message to Skakan telling him we’re going to Dragon Island, and Ossul sent one to Teppic asking how things (including his investigation) are going. Ossul and Joherra found Sharel, and gave her the message. She tried to persuade Ossul not to go to Argonessen. Kottkamp values us and hopes to goad the Emerald Claw into war. There was a frank discussion and she agreed to think about her relationships and priorities.

We let the Captain know we would be waiting on supplies for at least a couple of days.
Grolsh met with Harbour Master Balin and found out that the Cloudreaver is in port and the Bloody Kiss was expected that evening. They are gathering and then leaving to recapture the Laughing Lady.

We picked up our items from the shop, checked one last time for messages, and went to the ship. Lady Sharel met us (or Sir Ossul) there. She had thought about what he said, and she decided to go back to Karnath. She told him she wasn’t sure where they would stand when he comes back, but asked him to promise that he would come back. He gave her a Silver Flame charm, and Sharel gave Grolsh the spear (because he asked for it). We settled in on the Swift Wind on our way to Argonnessen. After a series of harrowing encounters, stormwracked seas, sea drakes, and being chased by Seren longships, we entered Talon Bay just after dusk. A conjunction is coming, constellations corresponding to the Marks of Shadow, Warding, and Storm. As we approached, we saw a village on fire and under attack by dracotaurs. We saw a warrior surrounded by several of them. Once they saw us arrive on the shore, some turned to attack us. Joharra dimension doored to the warrior’s side and was attacked by dracotaurs, including one whose spear shattered when it hit her. After a fierce battle, we won with all the dracotaurs slain except one we took prisoner. The warrior, Daros, asked why we were there. We told him because of the prophecy, and once he saw one of our drgaonmarks he dropped to one knee and asked for our help. He explained that their village was destroyed and their totem dragon taken by a blue dragon group with dracotaurs. He asked us to help him free his people and their dragon. We agreed and invited Daros to the Swift Wind to explain more over a meal. While the rest of the party went with Daros, Castar marked the manacled dracotaur with his dragonmark and then Grolsh killed it before returning to the ship.


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