Adventures in Proselytizing

Adventuring in Xendrik

Over the Seas and Far Away and Lessons Learned

Finding a Ship and More Sea Journeys
So it happened that our small group needed to thwart the plans of the Emerald Claw again. It appeared that they had stolen the schemes and we were informed by a certain House that we would need to race to Xendrik.

Thankfully a wonderful lady was able to set up a journey for us over the seas. Truly a time to put out faith in the wonder of the Flame. The Flame shines brightly were it wants us to go, in this case our group need to go over to Xendrik, specifically Stormreach.

Although the Flame may light our path, the path may not be easy. But it illuminates another important aspect of adventuring. Negotiation. We were waylaid by Sahagin and a Giant Shark, but through the clever negotiation of Grolsch we were able to avoid bloodshed and pass through there lands unharmed. Well with the exception of being attacked by the Giant Shark, but there are not many lessons to be learned from that except don’t attacked by a Giant Shark!
When in a New Place

… an important lesson for us was when in Xendrik (strange and wonderful continent) we need to learn a number of things. It was hear the Joharra and Castar were able to show the wonderfulness of academia. It gives one great contacts to know what excavations are going on. Its a good starting point for research into undercover operations of the Emerald Claw!

More Exploring, Going Up River
So it was that we need to go into the jungles of Xendrik. We left Stormreach traveling up the Rachi River attempting to catch the Emerald Claw airship. This journey can show us how simple travel (boats and such) can still be useful in todays world of airships and lighting rail. It also allows for time to enjoy the thick and buzzing jungles of Xendrik. In addition it gave me time to slow down and write for my dear readers!
Meeting New People

… when tromping through Xendrik we were able to have a wonderful talk with the Drow Natives of that land. They were friendly and helpful guiding us through the temple and helping take on the Emerald Claw. This is the great attitude for adventures to have, to be positive and take care on diplomacy with anyone you meet so as to have as many allies as possible against the evils in the world.
In addition while in Xendrik at Stormreach we meet a particular woman claiming we were part of some prophecy. Although prophecies are theologically dubious this Dragon Lady agreed to help, and one should never turn down help from good people!
Fighting Waterlogged Zombies
…. It so happened that we were overcame by a simple zombie. But this zombie was in a watertight room, and when we opened the room we were doused with tonnes of water. It then hide in the shadow weakening us until the only one who could stop it was me and the Dragon Lady. I attempted to smite it but my faith was not strong enough. It was at that point I was overcome by the zombies power. I almost drowned in a small pool of water. If it was not for the Dragon Lady luring the zombie away we all would have become zombies ourselves.

This adventure illustrates two points. One that we should be wary of what is in the dark corners of the room, so we should also be wary of the dark corners of our own soul. What lurks in there attempting to drown us. But also that accepting help from people wishing to give it can save you! Not just in the physical, but also metaphysical sense (What we get from the Flame). For the Flame can destroy the darkness in our life …..

A Three Way Battle Royal

Our party had been exploring a temple in Xendrik looking for an ancient artifact. It was at that point that we had to battle not only the Emerald Claw led by the Fake Vampire Garrow, but also the Water Logged Zombie from before. The battle was tough, in addition trying to convince other combatants to fight the Water Logged Zombie. Eventually the zombie made paste out of some of the Emerald Claw and they retreated. Except for a Warforged named Scimitar, she just straight gave it a powerful punch. I roared in and struck it with the power of the Silver Flame. Again imparting the importance of negotiating, even when fighting your enemies to overcome bigger enemies. Some may say this is selling out. I have an answer for that … .

…. but the point is that no matter what later we did have to subdue her. After getting on a giant chair which teleported us to some kind of creation chamber. We had to battle her, thankful Joherra mind locked her and then Grolsch chained her up.

The Metaphysical Concepts of Intelligent Items

After locking Scimitar up we had to defeat some sort of evil intelligent item. And again the party had a number of debates over the morality and rights that could be granted to an item. It should also be noted this item was of great power and could create intelligent life very similar to warforge. It is possible that the Giants were able to create a similar style of intelligence. These were the arguments present by the part ….

… as you can see it was a difficult issue. But it was decided that we would take it across the sea and try and figure out a way to deal with it.


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