Adventures in Proselytizing

On Our Way to the Observatory

We checked out a couple of hotel options, and ended up staying in a non-House establishment, since our reputation made the manager of the House hotel…less than enthused at our potential patronage. We loaded up on gear, after working out a “miscommunication” about purchase vs. sale prices. Our new Valenar associate picked out mounts for us, and off we went into the wilderness in search of the observatory. Early in our journey a half-orc came up to our camp one evening and warned us to leave. Then we were attacked by rock-throwing giants, who injured Sir Ossul and the ranger as we outran them rather than taking them all on.3 We also lost Sir Ossul’s new horse, which took off when Ossul was thrown to the ground by a flying rock. We continued on, albeit with some difficulty locating the observatory, encountered an unauthorized toll-bridge, and once again avoided violence. The search for the observatory led to some impassable terrain, and sadly Castar’s pony Li’l Sebastian and Joharra’s horse had to be let go to fend for themselves. We hiked up, and found the observatory, which is an awesome giant stone chair on a mountain peak. As we arrived, we saw what looked like a huge griffin flying away.

How to Defeat a Dragon

So it was that we were on our way to fight Vodane the Storm Lord. However during the fight it became apparent the something was happening with our Aberrant Dragon marks. They seemed to be making us more powerful. Although we were weak we were still able to defeat the evil storm lord and his minions. They had no answer to our new found power and martial skills, nor could they resist Joharras mind locks. As we left them they promised us more dangers that lurked above.

It soon became obvious what those dangers were. We entered a blackened room, with a giant orb that shone the night sky into this room. And it appeared that wraiths were guarding this section, however they said we could pass this area with no malice. However it was predictable that evil undead (they claimed they worked for Vol) would go back on any word they give. As soon as we moved they attacked us. It would have been a very hard fight, hitting incorporeal enemies is very difficult. However again Joharra had pieced together that one could control the place the orb was looking at. So she directed it to zoom into a star. The wraiths did not enjoy that, and fled to the walls cursing the party.

It was then that we finally reached the top of the Orrery. It was here that we saw a trapped silver dragon. Knowing that we would need more muscle to defeat Icewing we needed to free this dragon. Joharra again thought things through and dimension doored into the cage, so that she could dimension door the dragon and herself away.

It was then that Castar and Grolsh and Ossul were stuck on the top of the Orrery, Khurystas bared down upon them in great furry. Angered that he could not stay in the fight against Icewing and his troops. As Khurystas came crashing down he caused the adventures to feel to different spaces. Ossul and Grolsh attempted to fight back. However it was for naught as the attacks could not pierce the dragons hide.

It was then that disaster struck as Castar was felled by the cone of ice from Khurystas. It was a tragedy that I will not soon forget. Greatly shaken I feld the top of the Orrery to hide with Grolsh in the stair case bellow. It was then that I was lured out by what sounded to be Caster, only to find that it was in fact the blue dragon Khurystas impersonating him. It was a terrible tactical decision which led me to be taken by the dragon. However the dragon did not think of my tactical acumen, that I would fight with every weapon I have including my teeth, I sent my powerful smite through my mouth and viciously wounding the dragon. Khurystas was in a state of shock that a human would do such a thing, and dropped me. I took that chance to run down the stairs back to Grolsh.

Together we raced down the tower. The dragon chasing us from the outside. We had to go through a multiple exposed sections where the dragon rushed passed us once, and missed us each as we dived into the window.

It was in the middle of the tower where we meet Joharra, Sur’kil (as a dragon), Icewing, Davos and his men. With all regrouped we basked in Grolshs healing presence. It was then that we came up with a plan. Grolsh, Davos and myself would attempt to damage Khurystas on the ground, while Icewing and Sur’kil will try to keep the blue dragon on the ground. It was then that Grolsh remembered that he had a ring of fireball necklaces. That and he was also resistant to fire damage. We all put two and two together.

Grolsh stood ontop of the Orrery with the necklace. Khurystas flew in diving on the small morsel. Unfortunate for him that before he could eat it, it turned into a giant fireball that knocked him out of the air. It was then that Sur’kil and Icewing flew out of the tower and down onto Khurystas pining him on the ground, while racking at him with there claws.

Davos and Ossul rushed from the staircase and smashed and slashed as way through the scales of the dragon.

Under this combined onslaught Khurystas was felled and the blue dragon was no more. At this his followers fled the battlefield. While the victors lifted Khurystas battered and charred corpse off of Grolsh.

Afterwards the party was each given a favour by the council of dragons. It was then that Castar was brought back to life (as was his assumed wished) by myself. It will give me more time to convert him!

Reaching the Orrery
All Brain Lock, All the Time

The party along with Daros returned to the ship for sleep, followed by research! Joharra discovered some information in her book about dracotaurs. Meanwhile, Daros explained some of the situation to the party. The blue dragon Khurystas had bent two local tribes to his will: the Bringers of Fire and the Stormwalkers. In addition he commands the loyalty of the dracotaurs.

Many of Daros’ tribe, the White Wanderers, were taken prisoner in the dracotaur raid. The party resolved to rescue them but Daros warned of the Chiefs of the Bringers of Fire: Firechief Brogar Redhide, a half-dragon warrior mage of dangerous power; and the brother Axechiefs, Vorgrey and Teldros, masters of quick strikes and skirmish tactics. He also warned the group to beware of the Storm Master, who was not the frail old man he seems.

Daros and the party then set out at first light to the Bringers of Fire encampment. Upon arriving, Pern, Woodstein, Daros & Castar scouted. Castar snuck in invisibly to free the white Dragon Icewing before the battle would be joined. He was unable to pull free the massive stakes binding the dragon to the ground, but did free Icewing’s head from its muzzle and it vented its displeasure upon the nearby enemies in the form of a devastating blast of icy breath.

Daros and the party soon joined the fight, and with a brain lock of the Firechief the group was able to mop up the opposing dracotaurs and tribesmen. The White Wanderers were then freed and runners were sent to gather the rest of the tribe’s surviving warriors from where they were held.

In the afternoon all set off together towards the bulk of the Stormwalkers and Bringers of Fire. The White Wanderers attacked them in a bloody battle, allowing the party time to sneak into the Orrery. They intimidated the initial guards with a psionically-enhanced blast of fire and some quick words.

They then traveled in and found a dragon’s hoard. Grolsch managed to tear himself away after looting some choice items. Traveling upwards through the Orrery, their next encounter was with the Firetalon brothers, who surprised the party with a clever sneak attack. The fight lasted 12 seconds as both were immediately brainlocked.

The party finally traveled to an open-air lighting zone after a close call on the rickety wooden path up. They met Vodane the Storm Master and exchanged words with him. After a while (and a couple of lightning strikes) they party tried to bull past him, at which point he revealed his strength and challenged them to ‘show him their tempest within.’

Breaking News: Dracotaur's Spear
In which the group dickers over equipment, and then sails to Argonessen

We went back to see the Prince and asked for recommendations about where to sell our surplus equipment. His seneschal “did not” recommend a particular establishment, Jona’s Pets, so we went there. Grolsh asked for information about the lizard he acquired. Jona took him and Castar into the back room to see it more clearly, and explained that it’s a female pseudodragon named Pern. She’s poisonous, telepathic, spell-resistant, has blind sense and can see in the dark. Jona agreed to buy some of our scrolls (one with Suggestion, Summon Monster, and Sympathy, and a Dimension Door one) for 1000gp plus some gear we wanted (scroll of restoration, 3x oil of magic weapon, and some components for Castar: a 50gp gem and 3×100gp inks).

We checked our messages: best wishes from Cardinal Fullstead and a message from Warlord Kottkamp asking that we (or Ossul) urge Lady Sharel to return home because she in danger with us and neglecting her responsibilities at home. Kottkamp has been able to get her absence excused so far but can only do this for so long. Grolsh sent a message to Skakan telling him we’re going to Dragon Island, and Ossul sent one to Teppic asking how things (including his investigation) are going. Ossul and Joherra found Sharel, and gave her the message. She tried to persuade Ossul not to go to Argonessen. Kottkamp values us and hopes to goad the Emerald Claw into war. There was a frank discussion and she agreed to think about her relationships and priorities.

We let the Captain know we would be waiting on supplies for at least a couple of days.
Grolsh met with Harbour Master Balin and found out that the Cloudreaver is in port and the Bloody Kiss was expected that evening. They are gathering and then leaving to recapture the Laughing Lady.

We picked up our items from the shop, checked one last time for messages, and went to the ship. Lady Sharel met us (or Sir Ossul) there. She had thought about what he said, and she decided to go back to Karnath. She told him she wasn’t sure where they would stand when he comes back, but asked him to promise that he would come back. He gave her a Silver Flame charm, and Sharel gave Grolsh the spear (because he asked for it). We settled in on the Swift Wind on our way to Argonnessen. After a series of harrowing encounters, stormwracked seas, sea drakes, and being chased by Seren longships, we entered Talon Bay just after dusk. A conjunction is coming, constellations corresponding to the Marks of Shadow, Warding, and Storm. As we approached, we saw a village on fire and under attack by dracotaurs. We saw a warrior surrounded by several of them. Once they saw us arrive on the shore, some turned to attack us. Joharra dimension doored to the warrior’s side and was attacked by dracotaurs, including one whose spear shattered when it hit her. After a fierce battle, we won with all the dracotaurs slain except one we took prisoner. The warrior, Daros, asked why we were there. We told him because of the prophecy, and once he saw one of our drgaonmarks he dropped to one knee and asked for our help. He explained that their village was destroyed and their totem dragon taken by a blue dragon group with dracotaurs. He asked us to help him free his people and their dragon. We agreed and invited Daros to the Swift Wind to explain more over a meal. While the rest of the party went with Daros, Castar marked the manacled dracotaur with his dragonmark and then Grolsh killed it before returning to the ship.

Down to the depths of the Dreadhold
and back for beers at the bar

When we last left our brave heroes, they had successfully infiltrated the Dreadhold, and had just entered its smithy. The smith-artificer, and some kind of Cobra construct, attacked, but were prevented from raising the alarm by Teppic’s Silence spell. The battle was quick, ending with the Cobra battered into a pile of bits, and the smith paralysed by Teppic’s Shivering Touch. Little damage was done to the party, though the single point of Con damage Castar sustained during the skirmish would prove a foretaste of things to come.

Grolsch, with a cloak covering his distinctive breastplate, scouted into the cellblock, finding and freeing the prisoner they had been sent to find. Or, one of them. The gnome Thraxis would have to be sought in the mines below the Dreadhold, where prisoners toiled at the dangerous trade of wresting dragonshards from Khyber’s stony grip.

Again Grolsch led the way, infiltrating a group of dwarven guards and gathering valuable intelligence about an attack in which creatures from the depths below had wiped out prisoners and guards, only one of whom escaped to tell the tale. Then, for some unknown reason, the treacherous guards turned on Grolsch, attacking him with their axes. The party sprung into action, and after a brief battle the guards proved ready to surrender. Surrender of a sort, refusing to be bound or disarmed, lest they be slain by creatures from below. Their fear palpable, the guards were left as they were, bound only by their captain’s word of honour, such as is given from dwarf to dwarf, that they would not raise the alarm. Just in case, however, Grolsch drew upon the power of the dragon marking his flesh to place an alarm on the passageway between the mines and the prison above, which would alert him of any movement, whether to or from the prison.

Moving deeper into the mines, the party encountered mummified bodies, dessicated and covered in countless puncture wounds. Not a good sign, but our heroes were not sure what to make of it. In any event, time was pressing as there was no telling how long the captain would be able to stay berthed in Dreadhold before he would be forced to leave. And Thraxis had to be found. Pressing on, deeper into the mines, they were attacked by four bizarre creatures, betentacled and blindingly fast in their movements. The details of the epic struggle that ensued could not possibly be captured here (but look for the special supplement in an upcoming issue!). The creatures’ tactics centred on teaming up to grapple and suck the blood of their chosen victims, focusing on Joharra and Castar, both of whom lost a great deal of blood. Eventually, all of the foul fiends (or were they?) were slain.

A search of the area found bodies, including the corpse of Thraxis, come to his bad end at last, but fortunately still legible, the notes tattooed on his body filling in the gaps left in the journal’s account. The search also turned up four pairs of Boots of Striding and Springing, and signs that the dwarven guard who had recently “escaped” death battling monstrosities from the depths of Kyber had in fact been permitted to escape. Taking the creatures’ heads as evidence, the party sought to warn the guards of the danger that might lurk within the mystery of this guard’s survival, but they appeared to pay no heed. Stopping by the smithy to return the warhammer used to good effect against those fell foes in the depths, Grolsch warned the smith also to be on guard against the lone survivor of the recent incursion from below. But he appeared no more interested in this warning than in the offer of contract work for the party as an artificer. So, with that, the party gladly left the Dreadhold in three waves, borne by Joharra through Flame-knows what strange dimensions to appear aboard ship, along with the prisoner they had saved, and the remains of Thraxis for whom they had arrived too late.

The ship set sail, arriving in Regalport without incident. The notes tattooed on Thraxis’ body pointed once again to Tehaz Sinara, but gave only cryptic clues as to the landmarks that could be used to navigate safely to its shores. A rare chart would be required to make sense of this, and as the party sought clues as to where such a chart could be found, the results of their enquiries all pointed to the Prince. Their next task: to impress, amuse, or intrigue the bored pirate enough that he might share this chart, and with it the secrets of the accursed isle and surrounding seas.

Another Letter to the Cardinals

Dearest Cardinals,

I write to report about our adventures in the Principalities. It happened that we need to find a man named (an alchemist) named Thraxis. He has an unsavory reputation but had been to the cursed island of Tehaz Sinara and survived. The Emerald Claw is heading to this island, perhaps looking for some long lost device to use.

However our journeys have brought us into contact with the Seawyvers. Having talked with them, they needed our support to help attack some slavers. It was know that we attacked the Cloudreavers ship “The Laughing Lady” in an attempt to hurt the slavers.

It was then that we began to attack the slavers and Cloudreavers. Having capturedthe ship we were able to move onto the secret slavers layer, which lay in Dreadhold. It appears that Thraxis had been captured by the slavers and was working in the underground mines, we are attempting to extract him so he can lead us to the Emerald Claw. Now we are on our way there and we shall then see where the adventure takes us.

The Flames Loyal Servant

Sir Ossul

The Burning House Part 2

So it was that I (Sir Ossul) and Castar had been knocked out by a giant undead squid. It was a very nasty suprise. But thankfully our comrade (and friend) Teppic had decided that it was a good idea to go get some help outside of the burning house.

When he got outside, Grolsh and Joharra had just finished dealing with our former enemies (the Ogre Mages know as the Krullak Brothers). Having convince them to join us for the sum of 10,000 gold pieces, they would now fight for us against the evil of the Emerald Claw. It was quite a triumph of negotiation for Grolsh and Joharra.

It was also fortunate for our party. As we were quite tired and damage after that first combat outside the burning house. The Krullak Brothers said that “Don’t worry, we take care of it.” And well take care of it they did. They transformed themselves into the fop we had captured and a Emerald Claw goon. After that they walked into the room of the giant undead squid and the Necromancer. It was then there was much shouting and large explosions. Not much was left of the squid and the necromancer. That allowed Grolsh and the remaining team to stabilize and heal both myself and Castar.

Once that was done we made out way to a wing of the burning building. And we were then quite surprised by a wonderful display of acrobatics, by some type of monk lady. However graceful she was, she was unable to run and escape the deadliness of one of the Krullak Brothers swords. It simply chopped her in half as Teppic and Joharra gave chase to her. They found the journal of Elian on her. It was then that most of the party decided to escape the building which would catch on fire.

The Krullak Brothers exiting through a window, Grolsh deciding to wander around (and hear the creaking of a building on fire) before leaving. While the rest used Joharras helpful dimension door to escape.

It was then that the party, the Krullak Brothers, and the fop (Arielon, a son of a Sea Baron) joined us on the journey back to the Lahazzar Principalities. It was then that Castar began attempting to decode the journal. It was an interesting read he said. It talked about a journey to the cursed island of Tehaz Sinara. Apparently there are some ruins that the Emerald Claw would be interested in. As well Arielon (after talking with him) perhaps may be interesting in attaining for his crimes.

But also a group of privateers called the Seawyvers are interested in it as well. We are planing on discussing so arrangements with them. And perhaps the Arielon could provide a nice ship for us. That way we can outfit and expedition to this island. No doubt the Emerald Claw will be heading here.

Your Sir Ossul

Addressed to his Excellency Cardinal Fullstead.

The Burning House

So it was that the adventuring party was moving onto finding information about the Dragonmarks that appeared on them. They had tracked down infomation about a wizard _______________. We went to go see him via ship through the Lazhaar Principalities.

It was a very enjoyable vacation (in a sense). But it was cut short by the reach __________ library (which contained the books and goodies we were after).

It was unfortunate that the Emerald Claw had gotten there first. They had started to torch the building (and had killed some servants inside). As well they waited for us to come.

As we neared they started to yammer, about “Dropping the Eye of the Dragon” or face the pain of death.

As if the Emerald Claw wanted to let us go anyway. They started to fire crossbow bolts at us.

And so I ran in sword and shield raised ready to do battle once again against the Emerald Claw. A mighty charged felled an evil do-er.

Grolsh was able to annoy many of the enemy with this fiery breath, and his powerful smashing aura.

Castar moved around the field nimbly and was striking at opponents while healing his compatriots.

The battle was going to our advantage (well sort of, we were surrounded). When the leader of the Emerald Claw forces called out for his invisible Ogre Mage to attack us. They blasted us and the Emerald Claw troopers with a fantastically powerful cone of cold.

But it was at this point that Joharra was able to mind lock and Orge Mage and the Emerald Claws dandy and foppish leader. This turned the fight in our favour, for a while, until a SECOND invisible Ogre Mage showed up. And then the fight simply became a battle of who could heal more then who could damage more.

Eventually the second Mage revaled that he and the first mage would leave if we stopped mindlocking him. Joharra believed him and so released the first Ogre Mage.

While Joharra and Grolsh were negotiated terms with these mercenaries. Myself, Castar and Teppic wandered into the burning house. And there we meet _______________ .

It was unfortunate because she then animated a giant dead squid. That was very unfortunate. Although we were able to slay the Karnathi zombies. The squid was to much. It overpowered myself and Castar. Leaving Teppic to go and get help.

It was at this point that I began to have delirious dream (about the Silver Flame and other wonderful things in life), and realizing the continuous disaster that was brought by splitting the party.

From the Pen of Teppic to Cardinal Hebert

We had retrieved a scepter and amulet from inside the mummy’s tomb, which Grolsh identified as magical but surprisingly couldn’t actually pin down more than that. Teppic cast Remove Curse on both items just in case, but that didn’t help matters. We made rubbings of alllllllllllll the writings, and Joharra’s crystal searched around for a roof exit that we could use to get out hopefully bypassing the dragons. Sadly none was found. With our writings and two amulets, we dragged the sarcophagus lid back out with us in order to hopefully negotiate with the dragons and offer that as a bargaining chip.

The dragons were reasonable if firm that we shouldn’t take anything from the chamber. We mentioned that we had the amulet (which was disguised as non-magical), and hid the scepter inside of Ossul’s glove, as well as having found the writings. The dragons originally wanted to keep the amulet and censor the writings, but after some negotiation that we should be allowed to keep the amulet they agreed to let us keep… all of the writings. We called it a result and left, although we also gave the dragons the magical spear that Grolsh had been holding on to, upsetting Teppic, but Castar managed to hopefully negotiate some better terms for the other tribes once Grolsh pointed out the Blackscales had been hoarding some of the treasure for their own.

We made it back and were ambushed by an Emerald claw lady and two goons, which made Teppic burst out laughing in overconfidence. He will suffer for that in a bit. She demanded the Dragon’s Eye, and presumably had some big speech that we all prepared to mock. Castar subtly cast Haste on all of us, and Teppic openly began casting Magic Circle Against Evil… at which point he was hit by a lot of arrows. And then people charged in and hit him with swords. And then the lady tried to death touch him. Battle time!

Castar found the archer’s hidden locations (thanks to the Flame the first volley of arrows was terrible) and Teppic used his magical healing to stablize himself a bit, and then Joharra Demoralized and Teppic used Invocation to give us a bonus to hit, and them a massive penalty to hit. After that we managed to not get hit for the rest of the battle, and the Cleric lady along with one of her goons retreated. We took one remaining goon hostage, killed two of the hidden ones and the rest fled.

After some negotiation and information seeking by Castar and Joharra – interrupted by me breaking the prisoner’s arms – we set off for port to meet with Sur’kil. On the way there, Joharra felt an odd burning on her arm… and then rolled up her sleeve to reveal a Dragonmark had just formed there. Then we all felt a similar burn and all gained Dragonmarks. Odd. We turned over our prisoner to Sur’kil, who said he would basically be tortured for information and killed (yay!) and then we gave him the writings, told him what we found, gave him the Scepter and told him about the Dragonmarks.

He was quite pleased with our result, and though not thrilled we didn’t get the amulet thought it wasn’t beyond our reach. We received our leftover wages up to this point (1000GP each), and then a party bonus of 5000GP so we each have 2000 to spend. He also told us a tale of another group of adventurers 1000 years ago who also spontaneously developed Dragonmarks… all but one of whom died within a month. He contracted us to stick around while he went off to investigate something for a few weeks, raising our wages from 500GP a week to 1500 per week, which we obviously said yes to. I specified that in the event of our deaths the money goes to our school so that Grolsh doesn’t kill us in the night.

As for what Dragonmarks manifested, it was said that the last time this happened they were all Aberrant dragonmarks, so I am leaning towards taking an Aberrant mark although we get to choose our Dragonmark, and can select a True one as well (though the race has to match still). Grolsh is leaning towards holding out for a Siberys mark or taking an Aberrant for Tenser’s Floating Disk (at last, a way to carry treasure). Joharra has to take an Aberrant for being a Kalashtar, and I’m leaning towards Aberrant as well for roleplaying (either Produce Flame or Feather Fall because I fall a lot). Castar is thinking Mark of Scribing right now, though I’m obviously pushing for an all Aberrant party.

We’ve got a few days to prepare before setting out to investigate this survivor of the Dragonmark party. I suggest sending most of our earnings back to the school (I retrained into Leadership, which is where our support staff is coming from), and Castar/Joharra will be investigating the writings with Sur’kil. Grolsh thought someone was following him when he went off to do some shopping, but I’m sure that was nothing…

Going Back to the Jungle

From Selected Publications from Sir Ossul

… Travelling …

Sometimes that a man will offer you a trip. I would say take! Adventure takes you to wonderful places. When the Silver Flame gives you an opportunity you should take it. That was the case when a gentleman approached me and Teppic and the others in Karnath. He would pay for passage to try and stop the Emerald Claw. Now we could travel and do some good! And it would be another wonderful time in the jungle.

… Working with Natives…

When we reached Q’erra we were able to begin to move through the jungle. It was fortunate that we had been to Xendrik before. The jungles seemed very similar and this time we didn’t have a guide to find the temple we were looking for.

Thankful the Lizardfolk of this area were very friendly. Even giving us tips on the road as to how to avoid the Blackscale and Posiondart lizardmen. This is another example of it paying to be nice to strangers on the road. They are always there to help one. It reminds me of the passages St. Benedikt wrote about the treatment of strangers.

… Mistreatment of Animals…

One should never mistreat any animals. As was evidenced buy my time in Q’errian jungle. It was at this point that we had stumbled upon the oppressors of the previous lizardmen we had meet. The blackscale tribe had been guarding this temple. As well the blakcscale tribe had a small village at the base of the temple. It had been noticed that they were keeping captive a 4 armed ape like creature. It was decided that this ape creature should be released as the blackscales had not taken good care of the animal and had mistreated it. Freeing it would be the just thing to do. We were not surprised when the ape attacked the village and was getting justice for its cruel enslavement.

…. Evil Temples…

I would invite the reader to steel themselves. As many times in their life they will confront evil. Either physically or metaphysically. When confronting evil one must at time be ready to sneak at it (either through a window or through prayer). When confronting it be merciful but strong and quick when it resists, and be ready to retreat back to safety if it is too strong.

And this is what happened when attacking the Blackscale tribe of lizard men. Me, and Teppic and the others slipped in through a side window. Catching a guard unawares. We then fought that guard and his mistreated animal companion. Causing a Blackscale to run to find help.

We then were able to out flank buy using a secret entrance into another part of the temple (if you can find secret ways to work against evil, I would say it is a good thing). It was at this point that things became a little desperate, blackscale lizardfolk who escaped brought reinforcements.

Being cornered as evil sometimes does seems to bring out the best in me. I was able to slice through a dodge and wheel about two enemies. Charging into the leader I was able to again slice into them with a critical hit. Lucky my compatriots were able to block any flanking maneuvers the blackscales attempted.

Sometimes evil must be completely removed. Killing the chieftain of the Blackscales is a way to ensure hopefully that our friendly lizardmen could take over, and perhaps lead to a more peaceful time. Having defeated the blackscales we were able to capture two. Unfortunately the interrogation led to a heated discussion and one of the blackscales were killed. Thankfully Joherra was able to calm everyone down. Eventually we were able to get some information through polite conversation, who this tribe was and what this temple was for.

It was unfortunate but as we attempted to stay the night patrols of blackscales returned and were looking to find out what had occured. Having felt tired we decided to move down a well. Moving down a well we found can have interesting consequences.

…On Negotiations…

Sometimes we have to make a deal with evil. Or a truce. This is a difficult thing to accept as a paladin sometimes. But saving lives it is sometimes necessary to make that deal. Take for example the time Q’earra, when in that jungle. There we meet two black dragoons (they were brothers). Now it had turned out that a great ancestor dragon had fought and guarded the gates here against demons. Now we had the larger dragon ‘Brain Locked’ and were closing in on the acid spitting younger one. Now what could have happened is many deaths from either party.

However Grolsch was quick thinking, and asked for a truce. The larger dragon , knew it would be a difficult fight. It was agreed that would be for the best for everyone to calm down. The dragon agreed, it was then decided that we would have to leave.

It was another bonus for Grolsch as he failed to realize that their was a wall in this room. It appears there was some enchantment on that wall that protected it against those with dragon blood. This then allowed the party to go deeper into the caver, and having already made an agreement that anything we took was ours, in hindsight the negotiations were excellent. We could go fight some evil, and gained loot, and we didn’t have to fight two dragons and weaken ourselves


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