Creation Pattern

This mysterious disc holds many secrets, if only they could be unlocked.


Discovered by the party at the secret House Cannith facility Whitehearth, while there upon the request of Lady Elaydren d’Cannith, this disc has slots matching the various schemas. After the schemas were combined withthe pattern at the Xen’drik temple in the events of Adventuring in Xendrik, it was revealed the the pattern was a sentient item named Xulo, ancient beyond (meta)human imagining. It claimed to possess the power to bestow sentience to magical constructs.

It is currently in the party’s possession, as they refused to yield it to Lady Elaydren during the events of A Pleasant Night’s Journey (For Once). They are debating who would be best to entrust the pattern to, as well as whether its own desires should be taken into account.

Creation Pattern

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