Tomedwin Rix

Professor of Contemporary History and Strategic Studies at Morgrave University.


A grizzled human of late middle age, Rix started out as a war correspondent for the Sharn Inquisitive based in Wroat, but was later moved to Cyre. He was covering some negotiations back in Wroat on the Day of Mourning, but became keenly interested in what happened. He did some investigatory work into Weapons of Mass Destruction and earned some degree of enmity from House Cannith, though officially the house has scoffed at his allegations of illicit research into living spells. To facilitate this greater interest in history and policy, and spread his influence on WMDs and similar issues, he arranged a position at Morgrave University. It was there that he met a young ‘student,’ Castar Sil, who reminded him of himself when he was getting started. Although he soon discovered that Sil was not a legitimate Morgrave student, he did not reveal this to the University authorities, instead helping Sil (in small ways, from time to time) to maintain his access to the University and its facilities while avoiding getting ‘caught.’

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Tomedwin Rix

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