Lady Sharel

Karranthi Noblewoman who has taken a shine to her Silver Flame admirer


A wonderful Karrnathi Lady (at least that will be what Ossul will tell you). She was travelling with her body guard Bartok on the Cloud’s Destiny . She was able to escape the crashing ship with a teleportation spell of some kind with her Guard Bartok.

When the party crossed the paths of the train which was carrying her and Bartok. Ossul of course made sure she had safely teleported away and was not in harm.

She was since re-encountered in Rekkenmark where it was confirmed that she did indeed escape safely. She invited the party to dinner, and continued her flirtatious relationship with Sir Ossul. She provided some information on Warlord Kottkamp, though omitted being his daughter – a fact that the Warlord reacted negatively to when the party discovered it.

It had been a while since Ossul had to leave suddenly after attempting to go after the Emerald Claw. He kept in touch with his letters.

However she was right there at his side when the school he had been building was attacked and destroyed. Ossul seems to be relying much on this woman. Who has now decided to take up adventuring herself (simply to watch over Ossul and make sure he doesn’t make any silly mistakes).

Artwork taken from here.


Lady Sharel

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