No-nonsense bodyguard who has a habit of leaving at critical moments.


Encountered aboard the Cloud’s Destiny, this bodyguard was intimidating enough to even give pause to Grolsh Ramstein’s tendency to push people out of the way when there’s alcohol involved. He was assigned to protect Lady Sharel on the journey back to Kharrnath, and made a strong showing for himself when the Jade’s Fury attacked, retreating through magical teleportation when the vessel plummeted to the ground. After the crash was impressed with Ossul fighting abilities and gave him a Karrnathi Medal of Honor (possibly has something to do with Rekkenmark Academy).

He was last seen aboard the stricken Lightning Rail when he again fought off a number of raiders, before yet again vanishing with Lady Sharel and presumably continuing along the way to Kharrnath. He is known to be an associate of the legendary bounty hunter Bardack.

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