Adventures in Proselytizing

The Burning House Part 2

So it was that I (Sir Ossul) and Castar had been knocked out by a giant undead squid. It was a very nasty suprise. But thankfully our comrade (and friend) Teppic had decided that it was a good idea to go get some help outside of the burning house.

When he got outside, Grolsh and Joharra had just finished dealing with our former enemies (the Ogre Mages know as the Krullak Brothers). Having convince them to join us for the sum of 10,000 gold pieces, they would now fight for us against the evil of the Emerald Claw. It was quite a triumph of negotiation for Grolsh and Joharra.

It was also fortunate for our party. As we were quite tired and damage after that first combat outside the burning house. The Krullak Brothers said that “Don’t worry, we take care of it.” And well take care of it they did. They transformed themselves into the fop we had captured and a Emerald Claw goon. After that they walked into the room of the giant undead squid and the Necromancer. It was then there was much shouting and large explosions. Not much was left of the squid and the necromancer. That allowed Grolsh and the remaining team to stabilize and heal both myself and Castar.

Once that was done we made out way to a wing of the burning building. And we were then quite surprised by a wonderful display of acrobatics, by some type of monk lady. However graceful she was, she was unable to run and escape the deadliness of one of the Krullak Brothers swords. It simply chopped her in half as Teppic and Joharra gave chase to her. They found the journal of Elian on her. It was then that most of the party decided to escape the building which would catch on fire.

The Krullak Brothers exiting through a window, Grolsh deciding to wander around (and hear the creaking of a building on fire) before leaving. While the rest used Joharras helpful dimension door to escape.

It was then that the party, the Krullak Brothers, and the fop (Arielon, a son of a Sea Baron) joined us on the journey back to the Lahazzar Principalities. It was then that Castar began attempting to decode the journal. It was an interesting read he said. It talked about a journey to the cursed island of Tehaz Sinara. Apparently there are some ruins that the Emerald Claw would be interested in. As well Arielon (after talking with him) perhaps may be interesting in attaining for his crimes.

But also a group of privateers called the Seawyvers are interested in it as well. We are planing on discussing so arrangements with them. And perhaps the Arielon could provide a nice ship for us. That way we can outfit and expedition to this island. No doubt the Emerald Claw will be heading here.

Your Sir Ossul

Addressed to his Excellency Cardinal Fullstead.


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