Adventures in Proselytizing

The Burning House

So it was that the adventuring party was moving onto finding information about the Dragonmarks that appeared on them. They had tracked down infomation about a wizard _______________. We went to go see him via ship through the Lazhaar Principalities.

It was a very enjoyable vacation (in a sense). But it was cut short by the reach __________ library (which contained the books and goodies we were after).

It was unfortunate that the Emerald Claw had gotten there first. They had started to torch the building (and had killed some servants inside). As well they waited for us to come.

As we neared they started to yammer, about “Dropping the Eye of the Dragon” or face the pain of death.

As if the Emerald Claw wanted to let us go anyway. They started to fire crossbow bolts at us.

And so I ran in sword and shield raised ready to do battle once again against the Emerald Claw. A mighty charged felled an evil do-er.

Grolsh was able to annoy many of the enemy with this fiery breath, and his powerful smashing aura.

Castar moved around the field nimbly and was striking at opponents while healing his compatriots.

The battle was going to our advantage (well sort of, we were surrounded). When the leader of the Emerald Claw forces called out for his invisible Ogre Mage to attack us. They blasted us and the Emerald Claw troopers with a fantastically powerful cone of cold.

But it was at this point that Joharra was able to mind lock and Orge Mage and the Emerald Claws dandy and foppish leader. This turned the fight in our favour, for a while, until a SECOND invisible Ogre Mage showed up. And then the fight simply became a battle of who could heal more then who could damage more.

Eventually the second Mage revaled that he and the first mage would leave if we stopped mindlocking him. Joharra believed him and so released the first Ogre Mage.

While Joharra and Grolsh were negotiated terms with these mercenaries. Myself, Castar and Teppic wandered into the burning house. And there we meet _______________ .

It was unfortunate because she then animated a giant dead squid. That was very unfortunate. Although we were able to slay the Karnathi zombies. The squid was to much. It overpowered myself and Castar. Leaving Teppic to go and get help.

It was at this point that I began to have delirious dream (about the Silver Flame and other wonderful things in life), and realizing the continuous disaster that was brought by splitting the party.


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