Adventures in Proselytizing

Going Back to the Jungle

From Selected Publications from Sir Ossul

… Travelling …

Sometimes that a man will offer you a trip. I would say take! Adventure takes you to wonderful places. When the Silver Flame gives you an opportunity you should take it. That was the case when a gentleman approached me and Teppic and the others in Karnath. He would pay for passage to try and stop the Emerald Claw. Now we could travel and do some good! And it would be another wonderful time in the jungle.

… Working with Natives…

When we reached Q’erra we were able to begin to move through the jungle. It was fortunate that we had been to Xendrik before. The jungles seemed very similar and this time we didn’t have a guide to find the temple we were looking for.

Thankful the Lizardfolk of this area were very friendly. Even giving us tips on the road as to how to avoid the Blackscale and Posiondart lizardmen. This is another example of it paying to be nice to strangers on the road. They are always there to help one. It reminds me of the passages St. Benedikt wrote about the treatment of strangers.

… Mistreatment of Animals…

One should never mistreat any animals. As was evidenced buy my time in Q’errian jungle. It was at this point that we had stumbled upon the oppressors of the previous lizardmen we had meet. The blackscale tribe had been guarding this temple. As well the blakcscale tribe had a small village at the base of the temple. It had been noticed that they were keeping captive a 4 armed ape like creature. It was decided that this ape creature should be released as the blackscales had not taken good care of the animal and had mistreated it. Freeing it would be the just thing to do. We were not surprised when the ape attacked the village and was getting justice for its cruel enslavement.

…. Evil Temples…

I would invite the reader to steel themselves. As many times in their life they will confront evil. Either physically or metaphysically. When confronting evil one must at time be ready to sneak at it (either through a window or through prayer). When confronting it be merciful but strong and quick when it resists, and be ready to retreat back to safety if it is too strong.

And this is what happened when attacking the Blackscale tribe of lizard men. Me, and Teppic and the others slipped in through a side window. Catching a guard unawares. We then fought that guard and his mistreated animal companion. Causing a Blackscale to run to find help.

We then were able to out flank buy using a secret entrance into another part of the temple (if you can find secret ways to work against evil, I would say it is a good thing). It was at this point that things became a little desperate, blackscale lizardfolk who escaped brought reinforcements.

Being cornered as evil sometimes does seems to bring out the best in me. I was able to slice through a dodge and wheel about two enemies. Charging into the leader I was able to again slice into them with a critical hit. Lucky my compatriots were able to block any flanking maneuvers the blackscales attempted.

Sometimes evil must be completely removed. Killing the chieftain of the Blackscales is a way to ensure hopefully that our friendly lizardmen could take over, and perhaps lead to a more peaceful time. Having defeated the blackscales we were able to capture two. Unfortunately the interrogation led to a heated discussion and one of the blackscales were killed. Thankfully Joherra was able to calm everyone down. Eventually we were able to get some information through polite conversation, who this tribe was and what this temple was for.

It was unfortunate but as we attempted to stay the night patrols of blackscales returned and were looking to find out what had occured. Having felt tired we decided to move down a well. Moving down a well we found can have interesting consequences.

…On Negotiations…

Sometimes we have to make a deal with evil. Or a truce. This is a difficult thing to accept as a paladin sometimes. But saving lives it is sometimes necessary to make that deal. Take for example the time Q’earra, when in that jungle. There we meet two black dragoons (they were brothers). Now it had turned out that a great ancestor dragon had fought and guarded the gates here against demons. Now we had the larger dragon ‘Brain Locked’ and were closing in on the acid spitting younger one. Now what could have happened is many deaths from either party.

However Grolsch was quick thinking, and asked for a truce. The larger dragon , knew it would be a difficult fight. It was agreed that would be for the best for everyone to calm down. The dragon agreed, it was then decided that we would have to leave.

It was another bonus for Grolsch as he failed to realize that their was a wall in this room. It appears there was some enchantment on that wall that protected it against those with dragon blood. This then allowed the party to go deeper into the caver, and having already made an agreement that anything we took was ours, in hindsight the negotiations were excellent. We could go fight some evil, and gained loot, and we didn’t have to fight two dragons and weaken ourselves


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