Adventures in Proselytizing

From the Pen of Teppic to Cardinal Hebert

We had retrieved a scepter and amulet from inside the mummy’s tomb, which Grolsh identified as magical but surprisingly couldn’t actually pin down more than that. Teppic cast Remove Curse on both items just in case, but that didn’t help matters. We made rubbings of alllllllllllll the writings, and Joharra’s crystal searched around for a roof exit that we could use to get out hopefully bypassing the dragons. Sadly none was found. With our writings and two amulets, we dragged the sarcophagus lid back out with us in order to hopefully negotiate with the dragons and offer that as a bargaining chip.

The dragons were reasonable if firm that we shouldn’t take anything from the chamber. We mentioned that we had the amulet (which was disguised as non-magical), and hid the scepter inside of Ossul’s glove, as well as having found the writings. The dragons originally wanted to keep the amulet and censor the writings, but after some negotiation that we should be allowed to keep the amulet they agreed to let us keep… all of the writings. We called it a result and left, although we also gave the dragons the magical spear that Grolsh had been holding on to, upsetting Teppic, but Castar managed to hopefully negotiate some better terms for the other tribes once Grolsh pointed out the Blackscales had been hoarding some of the treasure for their own.

We made it back and were ambushed by an Emerald claw lady and two goons, which made Teppic burst out laughing in overconfidence. He will suffer for that in a bit. She demanded the Dragon’s Eye, and presumably had some big speech that we all prepared to mock. Castar subtly cast Haste on all of us, and Teppic openly began casting Magic Circle Against Evil… at which point he was hit by a lot of arrows. And then people charged in and hit him with swords. And then the lady tried to death touch him. Battle time!

Castar found the archer’s hidden locations (thanks to the Flame the first volley of arrows was terrible) and Teppic used his magical healing to stablize himself a bit, and then Joharra Demoralized and Teppic used Invocation to give us a bonus to hit, and them a massive penalty to hit. After that we managed to not get hit for the rest of the battle, and the Cleric lady along with one of her goons retreated. We took one remaining goon hostage, killed two of the hidden ones and the rest fled.

After some negotiation and information seeking by Castar and Joharra – interrupted by me breaking the prisoner’s arms – we set off for port to meet with Sur’kil. On the way there, Joharra felt an odd burning on her arm… and then rolled up her sleeve to reveal a Dragonmark had just formed there. Then we all felt a similar burn and all gained Dragonmarks. Odd. We turned over our prisoner to Sur’kil, who said he would basically be tortured for information and killed (yay!) and then we gave him the writings, told him what we found, gave him the Scepter and told him about the Dragonmarks.

He was quite pleased with our result, and though not thrilled we didn’t get the amulet thought it wasn’t beyond our reach. We received our leftover wages up to this point (1000GP each), and then a party bonus of 5000GP so we each have 2000 to spend. He also told us a tale of another group of adventurers 1000 years ago who also spontaneously developed Dragonmarks… all but one of whom died within a month. He contracted us to stick around while he went off to investigate something for a few weeks, raising our wages from 500GP a week to 1500 per week, which we obviously said yes to. I specified that in the event of our deaths the money goes to our school so that Grolsh doesn’t kill us in the night.

As for what Dragonmarks manifested, it was said that the last time this happened they were all Aberrant dragonmarks, so I am leaning towards taking an Aberrant mark although we get to choose our Dragonmark, and can select a True one as well (though the race has to match still). Grolsh is leaning towards holding out for a Siberys mark or taking an Aberrant for Tenser’s Floating Disk (at last, a way to carry treasure). Joharra has to take an Aberrant for being a Kalashtar, and I’m leaning towards Aberrant as well for roleplaying (either Produce Flame or Feather Fall because I fall a lot). Castar is thinking Mark of Scribing right now, though I’m obviously pushing for an all Aberrant party.

We’ve got a few days to prepare before setting out to investigate this survivor of the Dragonmark party. I suggest sending most of our earnings back to the school (I retrained into Leadership, which is where our support staff is coming from), and Castar/Joharra will be investigating the writings with Sur’kil. Grolsh thought someone was following him when he went off to do some shopping, but I’m sure that was nothing…


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