Adventures in Proselytizing

Another Letter to the Cardinals

Dearest Cardinals,

I write to report about our adventures in the Principalities. It happened that we need to find a man named (an alchemist) named Thraxis. He has an unsavory reputation but had been to the cursed island of Tehaz Sinara and survived. The Emerald Claw is heading to this island, perhaps looking for some long lost device to use.

However our journeys have brought us into contact with the Seawyvers. Having talked with them, they needed our support to help attack some slavers. It was know that we attacked the Cloudreavers ship “The Laughing Lady” in an attempt to hurt the slavers.

It was then that we began to attack the slavers and Cloudreavers. Having capturedthe ship we were able to move onto the secret slavers layer, which lay in Dreadhold. It appears that Thraxis had been captured by the slavers and was working in the underground mines, we are attempting to extract him so he can lead us to the Emerald Claw. Now we are on our way there and we shall then see where the adventure takes us.

The Flames Loyal Servant

Sir Ossul


DanCame mc5678

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